Daryl Hall & John Oates - July 15, 2015

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Hall & Oates 2015 @ Jones Beach 7/15/15

hall&oatesDaryl Hall and John Oates are experiencing a revival of sorts. The recent career swing of the best-selling duo in rock ‘n’ roll history has helped establish it as more musically relevant than many recall from those goofy 1980s MTV videos – the Philadelphia-soul group was enshrined in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2014  , and recently bumped its concert bookings from the casino and theater circuit to bigger venues in some cities.

Case in point, they are Playing Jones Beach again on July 15 ! To catch you up, here are eight things you need to know about Hall and Oates, here in 2015:

1. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inducted them in 2014. Say what you will about Rock Hall politics, but it’s still exclusive company, the institution calling their career a “hit-filled, yet enticingly eclectic, experimental life in music.” (Of course, Oates recently said being in the lesser-known Songwriters Hall of Fame is more of an honor.)

2. Hall has rich roots. The primary songwriter of the duo, Hall hung out with The Temptations in the 1960s, influencing the duo’s Philly-soul sound. (Oates brought his Americana influences to the table.) In a recent VH1 documentary, Hall railed against being labeled “blue-eyed soul,” essentially saying that music is music, and “soul” can be sung by people of any skin color.

3. They’re not content with being a jukebox. They’re likely to play all the favorites live, but don’t expect them to be sterile, note-perfect renditions. Some of their biggest hits might not be precisely as you know them, according to this recent concert review.

4. They’ve never liked being called “Hall and Oates.” Oates said “it sounds like a law firm or a doctor’s office or something.”

5. But don’t name your cereal in homage to that name. There’s a granola brand dubbed Haulin’ Oats, but that name may not last - they sued the maker earlier this year. They must prefer Cap’n Crunch.

6. Oates is working on an autobiography. He’s reportedly been keeping journals for years.

7. One of their biggest hits, “Private Eyes,” is more musically complicated than you might think. Oates claims a lot of them are that way, too. “The most difficult thing for the average person to tackle with Hall and Oates songs is the unique chord progressions,” he said.

8. Have you seen “Live From Daryl’s House”? No gloss, no goofy MTV pretentions, not even an audience. It’s a showcase for Hall’s love of music - something referenced in the title of the duo’s last original studio album, ‘03’s “Do It for Love” - with a new guest star every episode. It started as a web series, and now can be seen on cable channel Palladia.


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