Bush / Live & Our Lady Peace - Aug 29, 2019

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bushliveAlternative rockers Live (+Live+) and Bush will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough albums this summer with “The Alt-Imate Tour,” which includes a stop at Jones Beach on Thur, Aug 29! tix: - Our Lady Peace will support.

“It's an amazing feeling to know that these songs still resonate so profoundly with people,” Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk, says about the band’s “Throwing Copper” album and hits like “Lightning Crashes.”

Bush’s Gavin Rossdale says that the band’s “Sixteen Stone” – with hits like “Everything Zen” and “Glycerine” – introduced them to the world. “Those songs have found a way into the soundtrack of people’s lives and that is the highest compliment available,” Rossdale said in a statement.

Commemorating over two decades of Throwing Copper and Sixteen Stone - Our Lady Peace will provide direct support for the trip down nostalgia lane. The Canadian rockers will be toasting a 25th anniversary of their own, as their debut LP, Naveed, also dropped in 1994.. The tour will take the bands to 33 arenas and amphitheaters across North America. Things kick off at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on June 6th, with the docket including stops in Atlantic City, Boston, Kansas City, New Orleans, Denver, Los Angeles, Tampa, Baltimore, Dayton, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.

“We are super excited to get back out on the road this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Throwing Copper,” said Live’s Ed Kowalczyk of their second LP. “It feels like the planets are aligning in a really magical way for us lately. Our reunion is now a few years old, and with every concert, we feel like we are breaking into new levels of power and confidence onstage. I can truly say that LIVE is better than ever, and it’s all coming together just in time for this special anniversary in our career.” .. The singer added that Live “jumped at the chance” to tour with Bush. “Having had both our bands’ respective breakthrough albums released in 1994, there’s a kind of kinship there in our collective experience that I think is really cool and unique,” he said. “I had a chance to reconnect with Gavin and Bush at a show we recently played together in Mexico, and I was blown away by their performance. As we watched Bush from the side of the stage, I leaned over to Chad Taylor and yelled in his ear, ‘This summer is gonna fukin’ rock!'” “We are thrilled to be touring this summer with Live,” said Bush’s Gavin Rossdale. “The wealth and depth of songs from both bands should provide a great night of music. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer … Sixteen Stone propelled us onto the musical landscape. Those songs have found a way into the soundtrack of people’s lives and that is the highest compliment available. We’ve continued to make music that resonates with people.”.. Kowalczyk continued with Live until the band’s 2009 hiatus but didn’t rejoin for the group’s 2012 reunion or their eighth LP, 2014’s The Turn, which features singer Chris Shinn. Bush originally broke up in 2002 but have released three albums since regrouping in 2010, including their most recent, 2017’s Black and White Rainbows.

Maybe it’s finally time to fly to Los Angeles and find your ass-hole brother, and tell him he’s way overdue on buying you some concert tickets as penance. “What, you think everything’s zen?” you can reply when he acts as if his rudeness was no big deal. “I don’t think so.”.. Depending on your sibling’s penchant for remembering the words to long-ago hits, that may or may not land, but it’s still a way of announcing that British alt-rock group Bush is hitting the road this summer, joined by that other ’90s bastion of shredding riffs and pretentious lyrics, Live. (If the Bush references don’t work in getting family to procure you tickets, you could try saying “I alone love you” while wearing your hair in an extremely long rat tail, but that might get awkward.) (Speaking of which, have you watched the video for “I Alone” recently? It’s really weird. The drummer just sort of moshes by himself.) The two groups will be joined by supporting act Our Lady Peace, which necessitated changing this headline from 1995 teens to 1997's, because “Superman’s Dead” didn’t make those guys popular around here until then... The ostensible reason for the union of British pomp and Pennsylvania circumstance is the twin anniversaries of Sixteen Stone and Throwing Copper, two noteworthy releases of the grunge era that are turning 25 this year. While neither group may have wanted to comedown from the cloud of massive international success, they’ve still taken all this time to find out what a doubtlessly popular combo nostalgia tour looks like. The complete list of dates is below, and tickets go on sale March 15 through LiveNation. Try not to let your placenta fall to the floor if you don’t get the seats you want.

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