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You may bring: 1 factory sealed bottle of water, Umbrellas, Jacket/Sweater, Portable Non-pro Camera (detachable lens is usually considered pro), Binoculars, Sunglasses, Cane, Prescription Medications, Seeing Assistance Animal, Small Handbags..

NOTE:Please be aware at the request of the Artists performing these rules can and have been modified in the past for select shows. Sometimes the artists do not allow cameras at all, and sometimes they do not allow water bottles for environmental reasons. It is not known until you arrive at the gate, so be prepared to check these items at the bag / gear check booth or put them back in your car if necessary.

For the safety and comfort of all of our guests as well as the artist performing, the following items are prohibited: 
No sharp or dangerous items, No laser pointers, No professional cameras (cameras with detachable lens are usually in this catagory), No pro audio or video recording devices, No backpacks (Free bag/beach gear check available at guest services)

Reserved Special Needs / Handicap seating is available for each performance base upon availability. Seats are sold on a first come first serve basis while they are available. Special Needs seating is available on all levels of the venue and can be purchased at all authorized points of sale.
Children are allowed in the venue. All guests older than 2 years of age are required to hold a valid ticket for that day’s event. We encourage guardians and guests to bring ear protection. We do not have control over the content of performances and may not be suitable for all ages. Others may also consider certain content objectionable.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited for general admission because the venue is located on New York State Park Property. For certain concerts it is tolerated while tailgating if it discreet and out of cups, but State police can still ticket or arrest you. Due to the strict Agency policy of New York State Parks, alcohol is served only in the VIP tent area. Only VIP tent passes will get you into this area. These are separate additional tickets. Select concerts you can purchase these passes, you have to check - sometimes they are listed and they get sold fast. VIP tent passes alone are listed sporadically at - You still need a concert ticket to enter the venue. Smoking is prohibited.
Alcohol update 2014: It is now available to all over 21 in the Backstage Oasis - you cannot take the alcohol out of this area and the show is not visible in the area, only on screens. Read more here:

There will be a “Parent Zone” area located inside the theater which parents, guardians and anyone who is waiting for a child may utilize at no charge. People wishing to utilize this PZ area may check in at the main gates with our event staff. Guests will be directed to the area and must remain inside this secured area of the venue until they are ready to leave the event. There will be restroom and concession facilities available to all guests inside this area.

(so far there are no Bay Stage events scheduled this year)...

The Bay Stage events will be located inside the licensed property and located a short distance from the VIP area. These events will not be able to be viewed/heard from the VIP area.  
Unfortunately, for the Bay Stage, there will be no grassy areas where blankets can be used.  No lawn chairs will be allowed into the venue. These events will be General Admission and Standing room only.


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