The Black Crowes - Sept 17, 2021

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blackcrowes20 THE BLACK CROWES will return in 2021 with a special tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their 1990 debut album, "Shake Your Money Maker" with a stop at Jones Beach on Fri, Sept 17, 2021! - tix:

Just a few days after a cartoon graphic popped up on the band's social media, as well as on billboards in the U.S., new electronic billboards were unveiled in New York City (see below), advertising a July 17 concert at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey and a July 18 performance at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York.. According to the billboards, THE BLACK CROWES' upcoming tour will see the band performing "Shake Your Money Maker" in its entirety "plus all the hits." THE BLACK CROWES have been inactive since they played their final show in December 2013.

Former manager Pete Angelus recently told The Wall Street Journal that he is "aware of the deal" that the Robinson brothers "made with Live Nation for a 2020 tour," while another source that is "familiar with the matter" simply said that "there might be something in the works." Last month, All Star Signatures uploaded a video of Chris and Rich Robinson purportedly signing autographs for fans together in Nashville in September.

More recently, drummer Steve Gorman said that Chris and Rich Robinson are definitely making plans to reactivate THE BLACK CROWES for a comeback tour in 2020. "I know that they are," the drummer told Joe Rock of the West Babylon, New York radio station WBAB in a new interview. "Well, let me [clarify] that. I've been told by people involved that it's happening. Now, has either one of them told me that? No. I haven't spoken to either one of them. So, I have it on very reputable authority. But then again, until they're on stage, who knows what? But everything I've been told is that it's happening."

Asked what he would say if the Robinson brothers approached him to take part in the reunion tour, Gorman, who played for THE BLACK CROWES for 27 years, said: "It's a complete hypothetical. They're not about to. They're not about to say, 'We wanna give up money.' I mean, that's what this tour is about. When you're booking a tour before you have a band, you're not booking a tour for musical connectedness and satisfaction. That said, they have every right to do it, and I don't begrudge anybody that can make a living playing music, especially songs they wrote. But they're not considering that at all. I think they're in a place where, I would imagine, they're not interested in having anybody from the past work with them. It just makes it cleaner and easier, because to bring people back to do it right, you have a lot of explaining to do, you have a lot of apologizing to do, and you've gotta make up for a lot of damage you've caused. I don't think either one of those guys has any interest in those steps; they just wanna go get what they need. So, I could play the game of, 'What if they call?' It's not going to happen."

Last year, Chris put together a band called AS THE CROW FLIES to perform primarily BLACK CROWES songs. Meanwhile, Rich was most recently involved with THE MAGPIE SALUTE in which he was joined by Marc Ford from THE BLACK CROWES, bassist Sven Pipien (also from the CROWES) along with lead singer John Hogg (HOOKAH BROWN, MOKE), drummer Joe Magistro and guitarist Nico Bereciartua.. Gorman's book, "Hard To Handle: The Life And Death Of The Black Crowes - A Memoir", was released in September.

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