KISS / Motley Crue - Sept 22, 2012

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KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE will embark on a massive co-headlining tour dubbed simply “The Tour” — this summer, the iconic rock acts announced. The trek — which will see KISS closing the show each night — will stop at Jones Beach on September 22.

“These guys are the baddest band in the f***ing world,” Motley Crue’s Vince Neil said on stage with both bands at the Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday. “Our very first tour was with , 1982. To be able to do it now is amazing.” “Seeing them on stage, it was obvious back then that this was the next big thing,” KISS’ Paul Stanley added. “We talk about bang for buck, this will be the definition of bang for buck on this tour. If you want to see more bombs and artillery, you’ll have to check out the military.”

Said MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx: “Growing up, I had a KISS poster, AEROSMITH poster and SWEET on the wall, and for me to go out and do this together, it’s an honor. I know what KISS is about — I’ve been watching them for years — and I think it’s a perfect, perfect match. Maybe a match made in hell, in some places in America they may think, but it’s a perfect match and it’s gonna be all night long — hits, bombs, girls, topless a few. MÖTLEY CRÜE and KISS — I can’t wait to experience it myself.”

Added KISS frontman Paul Stanley: “Nikki and I have talked and just going, ‘This is awesome.’ This is something we’re all really fired up about. It’s double what either one of us could do, so exponentially it’s that much bigger. Whatever either band is capable of doing, you do it double on one night. It’s out of the park, man. We’re gonna level each city, literally.” With combined album sales of almost 200 million, KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE are more than just iconic; they remain today as the dominant powerhouses of rock music tallying 30+ chart-topping hits, countless sold out tours and awards and accolades from around the world. Known for their elaborate and spectacular stage shows, each band plans to give fans the ultimate summer concert experience with the most impressive lighting and sound production ever and their signature over-the-top pyrotechnics. This is the first time KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE will share a stage since 1982.



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