Zac Brown Band - Aug 23 & 24, 2019

zbbowlZac Brown Band won't be slowing down this summer - The field mouse is fast, but the Owl sees at night! The group's nonstop touring schedule will roll through Jones Beach for 2 dates! Fri & Sat, Aug 23-24 tix:

The just-announced "Owl Tour" will open with Caroline Jones.. “With ‘The Owl Tour,’ our fans can expect some new and unexpected sounds woven into the signature Zac Brown Band live music experience,” said Zac Brown. “The owl holds special meaning for us and we look forward to sharing this with everyone.” - A press release announcing hints at an upcoming album as well, adding that both the tour and album draw inspiration from "the mythology and mystery surround the great horned owl … serving as a guide when we need sight in even the darkest of moments."

Caroline Jones joins the group for nine dates in 2019.. The multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning country group's new album will include their current single "Someone That I Used to Know." This new tour follows their planned 2019 Down the Rabbit Hole Live Tour, which was an extension of the same from 2018. ZBB is Popular for a country sound that dabbles in bluegrass and southern rock.