Air Show - 2021

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Event Parking Pass Information: We are pleased to announce that Event Parking Passes for the 2021 Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach will be on sale beginning Monday, April 19, at 9:00AM! Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Jones Beach will be limited to 50% capacity and only Special Event Parking Pass holders will be admitted to the parking fields. Event Parking Passes are $10 and will be required for all three shows, including Friday’s practice show. One pass will be required per vehicle, NOT per person. Upon purchase, there is no additional event fee or ticket required. *Empire Passports and Golden Park Program are not valid forms of admission and cannot be used for the purchase of this pass and cannot be used for entry into the parking fields during this special event. It is CRUCIAL that you provide a valid email address at the time of purchase. You will receive a confirmation email, followed by a second email closer to the show which will include a QR code needed for entry. The QR Code will only scan for a one-time use at the designated parking field, and you will be assigned a half hour time interval for arrival; example 8:00AM – 8:30AM. To purchase your Event Parking Pass:

  • Visit  -  Click ‘Visit’  -  Next click ‘Admission’  -  Then click ‘Special Event’  -  Select the icon with the date and parking field you wish to attend - There is a limit of one pass per transaction.

Event Parking Passes will not be required for those arriving by public transportation, however, no other buses, taxis, Lyft, Uber, ride-sharing, or individual drop-offs will be permitted.

Live Stream with ABC
Bethpage Federal Credit Union, along with New York State Parks and WABC are working together to bring a livestream of the air show on Saturday, May 29, 2021, with a rain date of Sunday, May, 30, 2021. This is an exciting and important addition to bring the air show to anyone who cannot attend the event at Jones Beach  on, as well as WABC_TV’s Connected TV Apps on Amazon Fire TVAndroid TVApple TV, and Roku!


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The 2021 annual air show will have many featured guests.

tbirdstower  airshow21  

Performers 2021:   U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

SAT & SUN - May 29,30

practice on Fri 5/28

Admission Price: FREE

Parking Cost: $10.00 
Parking to be paid at the Field, not toll booths.
Official Air Show website:

Train Info

N88 Bus Info

Get there early. In the past, this show has easily seen 200,000 people fill up the beach on a single day. It is not unusual for the parking lots to be filled by 8:00am (if not earlier). When this happens, the parkways are closed and people are turned away. So, it is probably a good idea to arrive before 8:00am, or as early as reasonably possible.

SUNSCREEN. Bring it. You will be in the sun for over five hours. Trust me, you will need plenty of it.

BAGS, BACKPACKS, AND COOLERS ARE OK (this is a beach you know), but keep in mind THEY WILL BE SEARCHED so don't bring too much stuff along with you. It will also get crowded near show-center, and extra baggage could make movement difficult. There is a nice fast-food style restaurant on the East end of the beach, and refreshment vendors will be located along the boardwalk. If you want to keep costs low, you may want to bring along your own drinks and snacks. There will be no bleachers or seating of any sort (with the exception of the VIP Chalets that require a separate entry fee purchased before the show), so bring a blanket to sit on, or a foldable chair. If you plan on sitting close to the water, you might want to bring a jacket or long-sleeved shirt. Even though the air temperature may be warm, the waters will still be cold and can cause the area right by the shoreline to be surprisingly chilly.

EARPLUGS /or EARMUFFS are suggested - for the younger viewers (6 & under) Please use earmuffs since earplugs are a choking hazard..  The jets can get loud, and you might get stuck next to some annoying guy who won't shut up about his cats. 

Photography is always fun at an air show, but there are several things to keep in mind, and you should know the limits of your camera. Even though the planes will be close, they will still be far enough away that you will need a decent amount of zoom. The beach faces South, directly into the sun, so most everything will be backlit all day. Also, the air tends to get quite hazy, making it difficult to get a crisp shot. Don't let these handicaps prevent you from bringing your camera, however. You never know what kind of moments you will be able to capture.

KITES ARE PROHIBITED. They can easily distract the performers, and that could result in some rather nasty stuff. Please leave these flying machines at home.

NO PETS. Of course, this excludes animals that aid the handicapped. Unless that animal happens to be a ferret, and if you are using a ferret to lead you around everywhere, you will probably have trouble getting to the show in the first place.  f-18 sh  U.S. Navy  F-18 Super Hornet click here 


Watching the Show

There are two ways that one can watch the show: from the beach or from a boat. Some have asked me if the show can be seen from other surrounding beaches, and the answer is probably yes. However, you will be nowhere near airhsow center (where all the action takes place and the acts are centered around) and you will not hear Mr. Reider's commentary. So for the best viewing experience, stay with Jones Beach itself.
For those with boats, the show can be viewed from Zach's Bay or from the ocean. However, there are restrictions as to where in the ocean the show can be watched. I was able to find these parameters for the 2005 show, and I can only assume that they will be the same for this year. And if they aren't exactly the same, the worst that can happen is the Coast Guard will yell at you and tell you to move. No biggie.

"Sec.  165.T01-033  Safety Zone; Jones Beach Air show, Jones Beach,  Wantagh, NY. ..  (a) Location. Beginning at a point on land located in Jones Beach State Park at approximate position 40[deg]35'06'' N, 073[deg]32'37'' W,  then running east along the shoreline of Jones Beach State Park to approximate position 40[deg]35'49'' N, 073[deg]28'47'' W; then running south to an position in the Atlantic Ocean off of Jones Beach at approximate position 40[deg]34'23'' N, 073[deg]32'23'' W; then running west to approximate position 40[deg]35'05'' N, 073[deg]28'34'' W; then running north to the point of beginning at approximate position 40[deg]35'06'' N, 073[deg]32'37'' W. All coordinates are North American Datum 1983."

Directions to the American Airpower Museum: 
Long Island Expressway
Visitors may arrive at the museum from the Long Island Expressway by exiting south on Exit 49, Route 110. Following the LIRR trestle, make a left on Conklin Avenue, proceed to New Highway and turn right. Pass two hangars and make a right hand turn into museum parking. The museum entrance is the red door at the hangar marked "American Airpower Museum."

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